Three-dimensional underwater sonar data
visualization software (MapAnalyst 3D)

In the dam safety engineering industry, three-dimensional underwater sonar data visualization software (MapAnalyst 3D) offers several valuable benefits:

Accurate Inspection Data

 3D sonar data visualization allows for precise and detailed inspections of underwater dam structures, identifying potential issues such as cracks, erosion, or debris accumulation that might be missed with traditional methods. Traditional inspection methods such as diving rely on the single perspective of a human diver who is usually limited in his capacity by water clarity and the amount of area that they can inspect and report on.

Accurate Mapping
3D sonar data visualization allows engineers to create highly accurate and detailed maps of underwater terrains, structures, and objects, which is crucial for various applications like underwater construction, asset monitoring & maintenance. 3D Multibeam and sidescan sonar technologies offer unparalleled accuracy, allowing us to visualize and quantify changes in sediment levels and potential scour areas.
Early Detection of Anomalies

By visualizing underwater areas around dams in 3D, engineers can detect anomalies, deformations, or movement early on, enabling timely intervention and preventing potential failures. 3D sonar investigations allow the facility owner to collect very detailed underwater data over a vast area in a short amount of time, whereas traditional methods such as diving inspection are not economically feasible when it comes to underwater mapping of medium to large sized areas.

Comprehensive Assessment

3D visualization provides a comprehensive view of above and below water assets and terrain, enabling engineers to assess the overall condition of the dam’s underwater assets and surrounding areas more effectively.

Hydroelectric Dam

3D Overview

Downstream View
Upstream View
Drum Gate Chamber 1
Drum Gate Chamber 2

Risk Analysis

Engineers can analyze potential risks and vulnerabilities of the dam’s underwater components by visualizing them in 3D, assisting in risk mitigation strategies and decision-making. Traditional methods required the dam safety engineer to review limited information and hand drawn inspection reports denying the engineers the freedom to have a complete view of the underwater environmental and structural condition of the facility they are responsible for. With below-water 3D sonar data combined with above-water LiDAR data, the dam safety engineer now has a full understanding of what is going on below and above water at their facility.

FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Regulatory Compliance

3D sonar data visualization can aid in meeting regulatory requirements by providing accurate data for reporting and compliance purposes related to dam safety assessments.

Maintenance Planning

Detailed 3D visuals help engineers plan maintenance activities more accurately by understanding the precise conditions of underwater structures, optimizing resource allocation.

Collaboration and Communication

Sharing 3D visualizations of underwater dam conditions facilitates effective communication among dam safety experts, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders, improving understanding and decision-making.

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Historical Data Comparison- Measuring Change over time

Over time, 3D visualization allows for the comparison of past and current underwater and above water conditions, enabling engineers to track changes and assess the effectiveness of maintenance efforts.

Structural Analysis

Engineers can use 3D sonar data to assess the condition and integrity of above and below water structures of the dam, enabling them to identify potential issues and plan maintenance or repairs effectively.

Incorporating three-dimensional underwater sonar data visualization software in dam safety engineering enhances the industry’s ability to monitor, assess, and maintain the integrity of underwater dam components, contributing to the safety and reliability of critical infrastructure.


Three-dimensional data visualization software offers several benefits, including:
Enhanced Depth Perception
3D visuals allow for better understanding of complex relationships within data, as depth perception adds an extra layer of insight that 2D visuals cannot provide.
Complex & Accurate Data Representation
For datasets with multiple variables or dimensions, 3D visualization can represent intricate patterns and correlations that might not be easily discernible in traditional 2D charts.
Interactive Exploration
3D visualization tools often offer interactive features, allowing users to manipulate the view, zoom in/out, rotate, and explore data from different angles, leading to better comprehension.
Spatial Context
Certain types of data, like geographic or architectural data, benefit from 3D visualization as it provides a more accurate representation of the real-world spatial relationships.
Engaging Presentations
3D visuals allow for better understanding of complex relationships within data, as depth perception adds an extra layer of insight that 2D visuals cannot provide.
Pattern Recognition
By visualizing data in 3D, certain patterns or anomalies might become more apparent, aiding in identifying trends and outliers.
Simulations and Modeling
3D visualization is crucial for simulations, modeling, and virtual environments, where a realistic representation is needed for accurate analysis.
Decision Making
When making decisions based on data, 3D visualization can offer a clearer understanding of various scenarios, helping stakeholders make more informed choices.

Interactive 3D Viewer

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MapAnalyst 3D Features

  • Secure and Easy to Use Interface using any Browser
  • State-of-the-Art 2D and 3D Project Data Visualization
  • Integrated Document Management System for all Project Data
  • Printing to Scale, A to E Size
  • Shareable Annotation and Markup Tool
  • Robust toolkit for 2D and 3D measurement and cross-sectioning
  • Easily add additional GIS Layers

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