Fenstermaker Underwater Acoustics Tech


UAI offers high definition acoustic imaging and measurement for structural inspection and hazard mapping of marine terminals and water bottom assessments. Owners, managers and engineers are provided accurate and reliable visual data used to make informed information about subsurface infrastructure.

We Specialize In
Underwater structure inspections
Underwater obstruction & hazard investigation
Scour & erosion inspections
Bulkhead inspections
Harbor, port & dock bathymetry
Diver assistance for debris recovery
Underwater imaging for security purposes

From Planning to Perspective

By assessing the scope of the investigation and the needs of our clients, we develop a plan to deploy our experienced team and equipment in a manner which will result in the best possible deliverables. Careful planning in the early stages of a project and open communications throughout is our way of doing business. Our goal is to give each and every client a clear view of the condition of underwater structures and water bottoms for informed decision-making.


Our experience with underwater investigations in various conditions allows us to perform inspections efficiently. We work with clients to find solutions that remain within budget and time parameters.


Our methodology provides high accuracy even when visibility is limited to give port authority and terminal management teams the advantage of working with the most reliable data possible.


Safety is always a concern when conducting underwater inspections. We are able to assess conditions ahead of dive teams to increase safety or perform robotic investigations where divers are not able to go.

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