Underwater Acoustics International


our-technologyOur Underwater Acoustics Team offers robotic platforms equipped with remote sensing acoustic imaging systems and thickness measurement sensors to conduct penstock inspections without having to de-water. This saves time, money and increases safety while decreasing asset risk.

Since every penstock is different, we customize our methods to deliver the best possible solution. Our acoustic imaging techniques produce internal surface imaging, consistent year after year, for reliable comparison and predictive maintenance.


What is it?

Our one-of-a-kind methodology for penstock inspections offers superior spatially referenced visualization delivered at the highest resolution possible which results in reliable data for predictive maintenance of dam penstocks.

UAI’s customized development of underwater acoustic imaging sonar systems based on steered beam sonar that can be articulated to project down a conduit, penstock, tunnel or pipe offers a breakthrough in penstock inspections. This new methodology provides a comprehensive spatial element representation of flooded water conduit surfaces. The collected data can then be utilized for comparative analysis to previous examinations and utilized for predictive maintenance modeling.


Since this new means of capturing data eliminates the need for dewatering, dam owners can realize a substantial decrease in cost resulting from downtime and lost revenue.


The high level of accuracy offered by our customized method surpasses any in the industry giving dam owners the advantage of working with the most reliable data possible.


Safety is always a concern when penstock inspections are performed. Dewatering increases the risk of structural failure which not only puts the integrity and future operation of the dam at risk, but can also pose real dangers to the inspection team.

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