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Application of Underwater Acoustic Remote Sensing Examination of Flooded Penstocks, Tunnels and Water Intakes
Added October 24, 2017
Kenneth J. LaBry Chief Scientist, Underwater Acoustics
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  • Reliable methodology for repetitive inspections
  • Predictive maintenance modeling important safety measure
  • Dramatically minimizes risk


Large industrial facilities, from utilities producing electricity to manufacturing plants and chemical refineries, all have the need to utilize water for either power generation or as a cooling source for the power sources and machinery of the mechanized automation they use to provide the product that is their reason for existence. Some, such as hydroelectric plants and other types of electricity producers, have more complicated water intake systems. The operation of the facility is dependent on a properly operating cooling system. To maintain the operational capacity and efficiency of the cooling system, the inlet conduit must be monitored and maintained. This requires that the maintenance staff be able to determine when the gradual degradation due to the wear of use, causes issues that require remediation and repair.

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